Helium leak detector UL1000 (Oil Backing Pump), 115 V and US power cable

Helium leak detector UL1000 (Oil Backing Pump), 115 V and US power cable



INFICON Helium leak detector UL1000 (Oil Backing Pump), 115 V and US power cable

Brochure: UL1000 Helium Leak Detector

Check out our new video showing the Hermetic Seal Test with the INFICON UL1000 Helium Leak Detector

  • Wide measurement range over 15 decades
  • Short pumpdown and response time
  • Mobile all-metal housing for added convenience with uncompromised maneuverability
  • I-CAL (Intelligent Calculation Algorithm for Leak rates)to ensure fastest response time to leaks in all measurement ranges
  • Zero function with automatic integration time alignment for fast and reliable leak test results
  • Intelligent vacuum design with rugged roughing pump and multiple inlet turbomolecular pump that provides high helium pumping speed with high compression
  • Rotatable display and user interface allows simple and easy control and interaction with the unit
  • Self-protection features to protect the UL1000 from helium and particle contamination
  • Auto purge cycle to ensure clean-up and readiness for leak test
  • Software updates via email easily possible
  • Rugged mass spectrometer system with two filament ion source (with 3-year warranty) ensures long running time and low maintenance costs
  • Built-in test leak for internal calibration to ensure accurate test results
  • Built-in software menu "Auto Leak Test" function to perform automatic testing of hermetically sealed components (optional TC1000 Test Chamber)


Type UL1000 Helium Leak Detector
Min. Detectable leak rate for helium ( Vacuum mode ) mbar•L/s <5E-12
Min. detectable leak rate for Helium ( Sniffer mode ) mbar•L/s 5E-8
Max. Inlet pressure GROSS mode mbar 15
Max. Inlet pressure FINE mode mbar 2
Max. Inlet pressure ULTRA mode mbar 0.4
Pumping speed during evacuation m³/h 16 at 50 Hz
Helium pumping speed GROSS mode L/s max.8
Helium pumping speed FINE mode L/s 7
Helium pumping speed ULTRA mode L/s 2.5
Detectable masses 2,3,4 amu
Mass spectrometer Sector field 180°
Filaments ion soure Iridium/Yttria coated  2
Calibrated built in test leak mbar•L/s  E-7
Test port  
Adjustable triggers 2
Interface RS232
Chart recorder output V 2x10
In/Outputs PLC compatible
Permissable ambient temperature (during operation ) °C +10.....+40
Type of protection IP 20
Weight kg | lb. 110 | 242
Dimensions ( L x W xH ) mm | inch 1068x525x850 | 42x21x33 
Supply voltages V (ac)  115(+-10%)60Hz
Power consumption VA 1100


  • Leak testing and quality control of all types of components, including:
  • automotive components
  • refrigeration and air conditioning components and sub-assemblies
  • hermetically sealed electronic devices
  • heat exchangers