Declaration of Contamination

Procedure for returning ExcelVac products

Dear Valued Customer:

You wish to return a ExcelVac distributed product for maintenance/repair. The product will be dismantled and possibly cleaned by a technician from our Service Center.

We require this form to be completed to preclude the potential health risk to our service personnel that can occur when receiving, disassembling, or repairing potentially contaminated products.

This declaration can only be completed and signed by an authorized and qualified person.

Please fill in the present declaration of contamination, send the SIGNED declaration by fax/e-mail to your responsible Service Coordinator and attach it to the product before shipping to your closest Service Center.

Maintenance/repair will be carried out on products only if a fully completed, correct declaration of contamination is provided. If this is not the case, the corresponding repair will be delayed or omitted. A separate declaration must be submitted for each device and each product.

Every product returned without this form completed, and secured to outside of package, will be returned to the customer unprocessed, at his cost.

If following inspection and quotation you decline the repair you may be subject to service fee to cover product decontamination, disassembly, cleaning and evaluation.

Please also be advised that by sending your equipment to us, you have authorized us to partially disassemble the item for inspection or failure analysis. The act of disassembly may permanently damage old seals and bearings. If the product is subsequently deemed unrepairable or you decline the repair and request the item to be returned, we cannot ensure that it will be reassembled to working condition upon return.

Please contact Service Center for any further recommendations.

We wish to draw your attention to the following points:

Product must be drained of fluids and residue, securely packaged and shipped prepaid. Concerning the closing of the ports (inlet & outlets of the product), metallic airtight blank flanges should be used if toxic or copper gases have been pumped.

Remove all adapters, fittings, valves, splinter screens, etc. that are not an integral part of product. ExcelVac will not be responsible for lost or damaged items that are not integral part of the product.

The risk may be of the following nature:

  1. Chemical: Danger to health, risks of explosion, fire, risks for the environment. Please indicate the chemical formula and name of the gases or substances that have been in contact with the product (pump or accessories, Leak detector, gauge…).
  2. Biological, explosive or radioactive: In case of contamination our Service Center is currently unable to decontaminate and recycle such material without risk to the safety of our staff. Please contact us before sending the product to the Service Center.
  3. Copper contamination: Copper based by-products formed in sputtering or etching processes are considered as a contaminant in some semi-conductor processes. All copper contaminated products must be bagged and sealed inside the shipping container. The shipping documents and the outside of the shipping container must be clearly labelled as “Copper” or “Cu contaminated”. If these procedures are not followed, the product may be returned unrepaired at the customer’s expense and/or subject to additional packaging fees. For decontamination a specific treatment is required, which can generate extra costs.

In the event of chemical contamination, ExcelVac asks you to indicate the following gases or substances

  • Gases (or substances) introduced into the reactor and which may be found at the exhaust
  • Gases (or substances) resulting from the reaction or process.
  • Gases (or substances) that may possibly be formed inside the pump (due to a chemical or thermodynamic reaction, condensation, deposition, precipitation, etc.)

We are sure that you share our concern for the safety of our personnel and we request your full cooperation in carrying out these few extra steps prior to returning any and all products to ExcelVac.

Thank you for your cooperation and your concern.

Your ExcelVac Customer Support Team