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Vacuum components - connecting your vacuum system

Flange components create the connections for individual vacuum components and are required for every vacuum system. In doing so, the vacuum technology places high demands on the materials used as well as on the manufacture of the components. EXCELVAC, Inc. offers you several proven flange systems which correspond to the different connection standards: small flanges (ISO-KF) in sizes DN 10 to DN 50, clamping flanges (ISO-K) in sizes DN 63 to DN 630, CF flanges (CF) in sizes DN 16 to DN 350 as well as Bolt flanges (COF) in sizes DN 400 to DN 800. In addition to a large selection of standard vacuum components, our product range also includes individual solutions - perfectly matched to your vacuum-related tasks.

All EXCELVAC, Inc. vacuum components meet the highest quality standards. The vacuum components are helium leak-tested and show leakage rates better than 10-10 Pa · m3/s for ISO-KF, ISO-K/ISO-F flanges and 10-11 Pa · m3/s for CF and COF flanges. All flange components are welded from the inside for an ideal vacuum.